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The Sugar Game

Rules can be dangerous

Jessica and Holly’s friendship was inevitable as sunrise. Hungry for life beyond sleep, eat and repeat they land in the bright lights of London.


They don’t want love, they want independence. They don’t want predictable, they want adventure. They don’t want a relationship they want to play. When Holly stumbles across a sugar baby-dating website, a glamorous world of entertaining wealthy men lures them in. They make their own rules, choose an alias and the sugar game begins.


Jessica’s pursuit of independence is rocked when Jerod, a workaholic scientist opens the door of her latest date. Jessica’s mask slips as he loosens the grip on her stubborn heart. But when he pulls back, her insecurities flare, what is he hiding? A shadowy figure from his mysterious past may have the answer. What he reveals locks Jessica into a dangerous conflict, putting her only sense of security on the line.


Determined to find the truth, she battles between her heart and head. Whatever choice she makes, this is not going to be easy. As rules get broken, will the girls ever win the sweet futures they signed up for?


  • For those of us that like to live on the wild side, vicariously, this is an addictive page turner about life in London as a sugar baby. An absolute must read, I simply cannot wait for the sequel.

    Coralie Robinson
  • Such a great read, the characters drew me in straight away and I was invested in “what happens next?” This was a fun new world of sugar to jump into, leaving you asking the question, is sugar as sweet as it seems? Can’t wait to read the next book as the epilogue sounds like the girls adventures have only just begun.

    Shanna Rook
  • The book has many twists which kept me reading without putting the book down. I will be surprised if it is not made into a film.

    Roger Collings
  • Great read, the characters drew me in, and I finished it straight away – I was always wanting to know what happens next. Always fun to dive into someone else’s world, and the characters let you experience the highs and lows of sugar life without actually having to go through it yourself. I like the set up that allows for more stories to come from this one. Can’t wait to read the next book. And I could see this being a fun Netflix series!

  • WOW I loved this book. It was fast paced and gave you an insight into the lives within some of the big cities.
    It is well written and unlike anything I have read before.
    It’s a short read so perfect for an afternoons reading.
    Since reading this book I have built up a great friendship with @ashleyloubrown and I’m looking forward to reading more of her books.

    Karen Andrew

Job Slut

Anna Baker has been a notorious jobslut ever since unceremoniously quitting her first fast food job as a teenager. Now she has about as much chance committing to a career as Richard Branson does to retiring. Unsure if this is something to celebrate or worry about, she moves to London and proceeds to bounce around from promising positions at a law firm to a brief fling as a marital detective and everything in between. In between talking her way into jobs she is in no way qualified for, like preparing the dead for viewings at a mortuary and selling slum flats, she injects a little nonsense into the humdrum life of the normals around her- without ever trying to face her past.


When she finally stumbles into a career that seems perfect—weird hours, lots of shopping, plenty of wine—but starts to flake out anyway, her closest friends begin holding up mirrors she cannot avoid. Will Anna ever realize the things she keeps running from may be all she ever wanted? In this hilarious novel about all the places we look for fulfilment, Jobslut is perfect for those still trying to find themselves in the biggest relationship of them all: the nine-to-five.


  • I finished reading the book all too soon. A great read and my only disappointment is that I did not become a jobslut myself! But is it too late to start?

    The book takes you to the wonderful world of Anna who takes on challenges with a great sense of humour and wit. We get to follow the ups and downs of living and working in London and all that comes with it… It takes us to unexpected places but Anna stays on track -The forever jobslut! Or? Guess you have to read it to find out!

  • Bought this book in january and was waiting for the right time to read it. Today was that time and boy am I glad I waited. I picked up the book and it was impossible to put down. Anna’s journey through the career world is packed with humour, entertainment and emotion. A person that has experienced life as a waitress, law trainee, real estate broker, pa, undertaker, undercover marital detective and many more just captivates you. You experience her thoughts, emotions, friends, family, travel and falling in love with a little twist at the end. A great read and bring on the next one.

  • Who knew reading about trying to find the right job could be such fun? Fast paced, funny, full of surprises. I never knew what Anna would do next.

    Amazon customer
  • What a brilliant book full of “nonsense”, it was a real page turner. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a light hearted and entertaining read.

    Amazon customer
  • One of a kind! Very entertaining…Life enlightenment… I couldn’t put the book down until the end!!!

  • Recommends for young and old as in effect we all have been or will Be JOB SlUTS at some point in our lives ..

  • A great book very funny. A good holiday read. I loved it, and I was gutted when I finished it.

  • Brilliant book i haven’t been able to put it down. I would definitely recommend it to others looking for a fun, entertaining and witty read.


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