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Don’t you just love it when something good lands in your inbox? I create emails that get opened with a smile, speaking your audience’s language and making offers irresistible. This not only leads to more sales it creates brand loyalty and develops long term relationships.


Make your blog add value with scroll-worthy reads with SEO optimised content. I research and write the blogs that your audience are looking for, making you the experts and ‘go to’ for your service.

Social Media

Let’s get your gram sparkling with fun, engaging on brand content that gets liked, shared and remembered. I create short, snappy captions and stories, assisting with selecting the images that make people want to keep scrolling.

Web Copy

Your home page is like the welcome sign on a storefront- you want to make people feel they can’t wait to get in. And once there? You want them to stay. With the right content, they will not only rummage around, they will keep coming back for more. I will optimise your website to be a place consumers enjoy hanging out.

Press Releases

From product launches to store openings, you want your press release to make noise in all the right places with sharp, exciting copy. I can help create a buzz around all your events and developments to make you the talk of the PR town.

Magazine Features

Why they say all press is good press- getting in the publications suitable for your brand can be a game changer for raising your profile. I can help with sourcing the best media outlets to approach from magazines to influencers and create relevant, enticing copy that shines the spotlight on your brand’s USPs.

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About Moi

Hey, thanks for stopping by, I’m Ashley, a London based content writer and novelist. I’m guessing you’re wondering – how can having little old me on your side help your business? 

Content creation is what gets me up in the morning. From engaging webcopy, ads, brochures, irresistible calls to action, newsletters that get read, scroll-worthy blogs to socials… I’m your girl. Though it all starts with you.

I take a deep dive into your brand’s story, products and goals. This is content gold that inspires strategic campaigns across all platforms. Every word chosen to hone in your USP’s, build on your brand voice and ultimately drive consumers to do that ‘thing’ you want them to do.

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P.S I also write books

When not working with clients, googling my next trip or binge watching Sex in the City (true story) I’m ‘novelling’.So far I’ve published two books, Jobslut (2018) and The Sugar Game (2021) with the third in progress. I am truly blessed to find writing one of my favourite ways to have fun. You can check out my books here and head to my portfolio for a mish mash of client work, blogs and articles on life, happiness and the creative process.

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I only drink Yorkshire tea (never been too Yorkshire mind)
I’m a total morning person even on weekends
Love a cosy night in more than going out
Prefer a window seat
Adore penguins

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