London, UK

Create your magic with the moon

‘Just like the moon at times we shine bright, and at times we hide in the dark’

I have been riding the rollercoaster of creativity for many years now, I could have written this back when I first started. You see back then; I still embraced my woo-woo. I bounced through my day on it. What is woo-woo? It’s that part of you, if you dare explore it, that wants to believe your horoscope is more than just a coincidence, that all the talk about the universe might actually be true, that senses someone’s energy before they have spoken. It’s the confidence to believe in magic and trust the power of intuition. Engaging with the mystical gets brushed off by many as being too out there, though what if that is where we are going wrong? I have found leaning into it gives far more than it takes. I am more vibrant, emotionally, creatively and professionally.

The mystical takes us one step closer to spirituality and when creativity and spirituality are aligned, magic happens. Somewhere along my journey I lost touch with that connection. Drifting way too far into the realm of being practical, productive and pushing. Hello anxiety, burn-out, hyperactivity followed by days of being flat, self-doubt and overwhelm, you get the picture. The thing that called me to action, the thing I couldn’t ignore, was the joy slipping away from what I love most, writing.

I would love to tell you I embarked on a journey of “Eat, pray love” though let’s face it, Elizabeth Gilbert has already shown us how to do that. And to be honest it didn’t feel like the answer. I just wanted to get back to the free place I roamed before my head got in the way of things. Fortunately, no flights or Italian gourmet food required, the solution was waiting above.

You see that mysterious, golden circle that lights up the sky every night is more than a torch in the dark. The moon provides a rhythm for life. When we give it our conscious attention and learn the moves to the dance, we shift from force to flow. We naturally recover our creative process and honour our emotional centre.


The moon cycle always follows the same steps. A simple four step dance we can tap into and create magic. Let me share them with you and how I rediscovered the delight of working with them.

1) The new moon

This is phase one, where the moon is emerging for a fresh journey. These few days are like a writer’s internal spring. I set my intentions, clear emotional blocks, and create my rituals. From my writing routine to self-care, the creative soul needs nurturing, each one to their own. Good sleep, exercise, proper nutrition along with plenty of good coffee, ice cream and company are all an important part of my process.

2) The first quarter moon

My favourite. This is where I began to gather inspiration in preparation for what’s next. I allowed myself the time to absorb, to fill the tank. I had lost this phase with an obsession for productivity. I skipped it, some voice telling me it, I hadn’t the time to spend an afternoon researching or wandering around in my imagination. Now I realise I do not have time not to, this is where I ignite my inner child that every artist needs to create.

3) The full moon

When the full moon arrived, I was full of ideas and energy, enjoying the creative outburst that followed. I wanted to be visible, connect, share, on a roll. I focused on prioritising sleep, less caffeine and being over stimulated. I found a place of calm in the chaos, less anxious and more pleasure.

4) The last quarter moon

Then came the phase that use to bother me most. The flatness, the worrying if I had lost my mojo, the feeling of perhaps giving up all together. Taking inspiration from the moon, I realized that this is the time to slow down, to process, to let go, to rest. I had been here before and I would be here again, this is my creative process. For every spring comes winter. Instead of giving up, I gave myself to permission to hunker down, unwind and reflect.

It’s uncanny as I sit and write this, I am doing just that, reflecting. On how I had interrupted my creative cycle by pushing, when all I had to do was surrender. The cynic in me might sigh and say ‘that’s just a coincidence, though the woo-woo in me knows better. She knows the moon has been waiting patiently for me to slow down and look up. So, dear reader if you too are looking for more joy in your creative life, I encourage you to trust in her magic.

Ashley x

P.S anyone that does not believe in coincidences, read James Redfern The Celestine Prophecy and come back to me.