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Have you found your ‘peace' of art?

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Put down the cake, it turns out happiness really is a piece of art. Before you roll your eyes and tell me you are yet to find a painting more satisfying than your lemon drizzle, hear me out. I never considered myself ‘arty’. Often feeling out of my depth in the company of more sophisticated friends, praying they were not going to ask me that dreaded question, “what type of art are you into?” The truth is back then, I had no idea.

Cut to a rainy afternoon in New York, with a few hours to kill I found myself in the que for MoMA, determined to come away having learned something and maybe found an umbrella.

I hadn’t long been browsing the modern, vibrant venue when I found myself mesmerised by a black hand, reaching out to me from a white canvass, it wasn’t just the image that moved me. It was a connection with the internal experience of the author’s perspective of the world. In that moment I realised, art tells stories. Mind blown, I headed up the stairs to level two, hoping for a coffee and the toilet, there was another lesson in store. White dancers mirrored each other from either side of the top tier, reflecting each other in perfect symmetry to music, each movement pulling me in to the presence of their grace. When my pressing bladder urged me to continue my search for the rest room, my perspective of art broadened further. Dance was art, how had I never known that?

When I exited MoMA, I took the magic of art with me. My new understanding was that art was so much more than I had given it credit for in my single story. The importance of experiences and following our curiosity to broaden our perspectives is something I only reflect on now. Had I not I would have continued to miss out on the magic of art. It is so much more than intimidating dinner conversation. Art is anything that brings us back to our natural condition, of light, love and happiness. I felt lighter as I headed back out into sunshine, which is a good job as I never found that umbrella.

The truth is an artist lives in all of us, how we choose to paint is influenced by our originality, our internal experiences and the way we want to let them out. Art has long been recognised as an essential route to inner peace and happiness. Sometimes the idea of what art is can stop us ever diving in. Art is a relationship between an author and an audience, finding the author that speaks to you is a little like finding your favourite wine. It takes time, experience and patience. Want a place to start?

Answer the following questions and read below to discover your art personality.

  • What element are you based on your star sign?

A Air

B Fire

C Water

D Earth

  • What was your dream career when you were young? (go on call your Mum if you have too)

A Lawyer

B Be in a band

C Movie star

D Architect

  • Your perfect evening would be

A  A book and roaring fire

B Listening to your favourite music

C Cooking a great meal

D Time with your partner

  • When angry you

A Watch a movie

B Put on your headphones

C Call a friend and vent

D Need time alone

  • Which of the following are you most likely to watch?

A A moving exploration of a relationship between two friends

B Action packed movie with an explosive soundtrack

C Hollywood’s latest blockbuster

D Documentary of Richard Attenborough’s most classic photography

  • When you were younger you would often be

A Making up stories

B Singing

C Putting on shows

D Making things

  • Your favourite lesson at school was

A English

B Music

C Drama

D Arts and crafts

Mostly A’s- Literature

As an air sign, you are likely to live in your head a lot, it’s exhausting isn’t it? All those thoughts, analysing and ideas? You find relief in written expression, reading helps you connect with other human minds, perspectives and their stories. Letting all your thoughts out through writing can be incredibly therapeutic for air signs, like deep breaths for the imagination. No surprise than Virginia Woolf was an Aquarius.

Mostly B’s- Music

You may find your bliss in expression of sound. This can be something you loved as a child and do not connect with till later on in life, find a way to explore music in different forms. Listen to anything gets your soul feeling good and connect to your natural state of being.

Mostly C’s- Performance

As a fire sign you have a lot of energy and its vital you find healthy ways to let it out, you were made for the stage and will find yourself drawn to movies, theatre and dance. You love the social and physical aspects of art and exploring those make you feel free.

Mostly D s- Painting and photography

You appreciate that creativity can be still, silent and powerful. Perfectly shot landscapes, people or beautifully blended colours can soothe your earthy soul. Surrounding yourself with images that resonate and connect with your internal perspective of the world can be incredibly healthy for your mind, body and soul.