London, UK

Inspiration; where art thou?

“When we are inspired magic, happens”

Ah inspiration, the golden elixir. It is what plants flowers in the mind that grow into something beautiful. And one of the frustrations aspiring writers most frequently tap into google is; how do I find it? I know this very well as I am one of them. I once even resorted to the oxford dictionary. Inspiration is vital for the creative, one moment of magic can inspire a book, shift blocks and create the movement we crave. The rub is, how do we find it? Well like all great discoveries, it starts with curiosity. 

I first stumbled upon the magic aged twelve, stepping of a train at London Victoria as my dad’s hand guided me through the human traffic, I was in awe of the place. From the whimsical underground, toy black cabs and endless patisseries. London opened my eyes to a world of possibility. Is that not the power of inspiration? That golden feeling that rushes into everything else we do. The inspired mind see’s wonder in the mundane, it is open and ready to receive ideas and solutions. It can find joy in even are least favourite endeavours. Yep, even the laundry. So where does it hide? 

Since that day in London, I have learned that inspiration can be found anywhere. You see the strangest thing happened. I returned back home to the country, and that feeling came with me. I had this fresh energy to explore possibilities. I started to pay more attention to what made the feeling stronger, and let go of the things that didn’t. You see that is inspiration. When something outside of ourselves connects to the magic inside of us. The ‘something’ can be people, places, colours, flowers or for one eccentric lawyer I know, blaring jazz every afternoon.

 Lockdown challenged me like many of us, to find new ways to catch the feeling. This was a great learning curve for me as a writer and eternal optimist. I realised that inspiration doesn’t require you to be busy. The magic can be found simply observing the world with a still mind. Inspiration is as individual as our heart desires. Remember what you seek is seeking you, stay curious. Here are three things that will point you in the right direction. 

1)Step away from the screen and get moving 

Staring at a screen, forcing inspiration to arrive is as effective as trying to stay dry in the rain. I know for I have tried it. Learn to trust the wilderness, go for a walk, shift your energy and get raise your endorphins, inspiration gravitates to high vibes

2) Jump into the moment 

Disconnecting from our thoughts is such a challenge for writers with a million stories and deadlines whizzing around, though trust me it is possible and the quickest way to do it is to jump into the moment. What is going on around you? Embrace it and observe, you never know what you might find to bring back to the desk. 3)

3) Try something new

This doesn’t have to be drastic, though getting out of our comfort zone is sometimes exactly what we need to feel re-inspired. Book a trip some place you haven’t been, speak to someone you don’t know very well, join a new group. Inspiration hides in the unknown. 

Relax, inspiration will return. When we turn down the noise in our head and listen to our heart, we always find it.