London, UK

Jobslut, what's it all about?

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What inspired me to write the book?

Good question.

The story for Jobslut was caught directly from the pool of life, in many ways it explores a journey that is universal to us all. From the first word to the last it was a rollercoaster of fun, laughter and despair as Anna tried to find her place in the professional world.

Find out all about my first book below.

Whats it all about? 

Anna Baker has been a notorious jobslut ever since unceremoniously quitting her first fast food job as a teenager. Now she has about as much chance committing to a career as Richard Branson does to retiring. Unsure if this is something to celebrate or worry about, she moves to London and proceeds to bounce around from promising positions at a law firm to a brief fling as a marital detective and everything in between. In between talking her way into jobs she is in no way qualified for, like preparing the dead for viewings at a mortuary and selling slum flats, she injects a little nonsense into the humdrum life of the normals around her- without ever trying to face her past. When she finally stumbles into a career that seems perfect—weird hours, lots of shopping, plenty of wine—but starts to flake out anyway, her closest friends begin holding up mirrors she cannot avoid. Will Anna ever realize the things she keeps running from may be all she ever wanted? In this hilarious novel about all the places we look for fulfilment, Jobslut is perfect for those still trying to find themselves in the biggest relationship of them all: the nine-to-five.

Where can I find it? 

Get your copy here to find out if Anna ever finds the job of her dreams, and do drop me an email at to let me know if her adventure resonated with your inner jobslut, as let’s face it we all have one don’t we?