London, UK

Joie de vivre; The simple secrets to living a joyful life

Do you believe in fairy tales? I do. I have done since my Mum first introduced me to the wonderful world of Disney. Bright lights, castles, pretty dresses, adventures, I wanted it all. And over the last twenty years, I have had my fair share. There is something about this time of year that feels like a fairy tale. The magic of Christmas sweeps you off your feet and it’s easy to get caught up in the countdown, the fancy stores, the excess. Come January when you’re left with a load of new stuff you don’t really need, wishing you hadn’t eaten so many mince pies, things don’t feel quite so magical. So, what’s the secret? How do we enjoy the fairy tale without waking up from it to realise it was only a dream? From a girl that has lost her glass slipper time and time again, the answer is joie de vivre. To live joyfully you never need to find that glass slipper. Or even a prince…really. Here are three simple secrets to living a joyful life. And it starts with letting go.

  1. Be enlightened

The world is full of shiny distractions and never is this more amplified than Christmas. With so much going on ‘out there it’s easy to disconnect with what’s going on ‘in here’ and that’s where the real key to the magical kingdom lies. The more we stay connected, the quicker we realise when something doesn’t feel good. Envy, anger, judgment, regret. Icky emotions that ditching will bring you far more joy than any Christmas hamper. Try replacing them with acceptance. It doesn’t matter if someone got the red one and you got the blue. That someone doesn’t feel the same way you do about Jo Malone candles. Or that girl gets way more likes on Instagram.  When you let all that stuff go guess what you find? 

The brightest light has always been right there inside of you.

  • Oh’ Come all ye grateful

Take a big gulp of gratitude for your wonderful life and let it fill you with Christmas tingles. For the little morning rituals that make your day your own, from that first cup of coffee to spritz of perfume! For your girlfriends who know everything and family that try their best. For the waft of sweet roasting chestnuts (you may never eat, though boy do they smell good). For the cheesy John Lewis advert that lights up our hearts and TV screens. For Mark Darcy who reminds us to love ourselves, just the way we are. For the seasons, that keep reminding us to try again. For the great thrill of being alive! With a grateful heart, you see the beauty in everything. 

And that how to live a joyful life?  Is actually- pretty simples.

  • Unwrap the magic of presence

Every Christmas is laced with lessons, none greater than the life-changing magic of being present. Time moves so fast and believe it or not the way to slow it down is not the latest eye crème or trending treatment. When you live with joie de vivre you sparkle. 

 The secret of people that light up every room is not their exquisite dress or amazing hair, (as much as they are truly- lovely).  It is their presence. How do you get that glow? 

 Tap into the magic of every moment, the fluctuating joy of life that is happening right now as you read this. Christmas, like life, will be full of moments. That one by one weave our meandering storybooks.  Some wonderful, some sad, some completely unexpected. Embrace them with an open heart, and if it ever feels too much…

Breathe and remember, it’s only a moment.

From one believer to another looking to find their happy ever after, remember you don’t need a credit card, that person’s approval or the biggest present under the tree. Joy doesn’t come wrapped in pretty boxes. It is something you unwrap inside of you.

And when you live with joie de vivre, every day feels like a fairy tale. 

Merry Christmas