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5 things your mojo wants you to know

When I resorted to Twitter last Thursday afternoon to ask “has anyone seen my mojo?” I discovered (with relief) I’m far from alone. Keeping mojo’s perky versus the montage of life’s demands seems to trip many writer’s up as we walk the creative path. We need to chat about the elusive magic that keeps our fingers tapping those keyboards. What are mojos? Why do they disappear and how on earth can we keep them happy?  

What is your mojo?

As I write it’s tipping it down, heavy rain interrupted by brief bursts of sunshine. I’m smiling. I’ve been writing since nine. Pausing here and there to ponder an idea or take a gulp of coffee. Today I am with mojo! Alas, much like our adorable weather, they are pretty unpredictable. 

I lost mine somewhere over the last month. Writing felt like dragging my feet through mud. I persevered with my head in the sand for a while, though eventually attention had to be paid. As life without mojo is no fun! Mojos bring joy to the page, a bounce to our step, the whistle on our walk. They charge us with a feeling of possibility that turns an average day into a brilliant one. Every writer wants more of those days, right? And they are normally hiding for a reason. Overworked, uninspired, need a holiday? I have done some digging into the culprits that upset our invisible charm and here is what I discovered. 

Why do mojos disappear? 

Out of battery?

Turns out there’s only so much coffee and optimism can make up for. A lesson last week taught me. How’s your sleep? What are you putting in your body? A few hours a night and way too much sugar does not a happy mojo make. 

Creativity is a full house, if we are spending too much time in one room eventually another one gets stuffy. Wellbeing is a VIP room. Have you been neglecting your usual self-care routines for a while? The good news is the remedy is dreamy. Rest! Accepting we are not robots is the catalyst to a happy mojo. 


Inspiration is broccoli for your mojo. I read in an interview recently how Ben Affleck and Matt Damon created the script for Goodwill hunting. I could hear Matt’s excitement when he spoke about their creative process. What inspired them? They loved the story! Is what you are working on lighting you up? The world becomes this big inspiring space when we explore what calls us. Without the fear of staying relevant, fitting in or how it will be received. Stay true to your influences and your mojo will be right there with you. 

Ready to take off? 

When was the last time you took your mojo on holiday? Mine was spotted sunning itself way back in February 2019. Los Angeles is calling…

I know I am not alone when I say travel is a writer’s best friend. Lack of travel has undeniably taken a toll on all of our mojo’s. Whilst being creative with new places to explore has kept us chugging along, there is nothing like the rush of on a plane taking off to a new destination is there? The T word is sure to get those mojo tails wagging. 

Can’t take off right now? Try exploring past adventures with friends, pictures and a good foxtrot down memory lane. Travel is the gift that keeps on giving. Reminding your mojo of all the places you have been and are yet to discover will rev up the creative engine. 

When it comes to mojo’s, every day is different and that’s ok. The magic formula? Self -awareness plus action = ta-da, transformation. With that in mind here are a few things mojos wants us to know to keep them happy.  

Five things your mojo wants you to know

I like to have fun– Apparently, mojos don’t like taking life too seriously. If you feel yourself falling down that rabbit hole, it’s time to have some fun! Doctor’s orders.

I have BIG dreams- Mojo’s don’t like playing it safe, putting them in a box is a waste of their magic. Let them chase those dreams even if they scare you!

Show me some love- When we neglect our mojo’s they neglect us, they need to be told how great they are! Celebrating your wins and being kind to yourself keeps them perky.

I like variety– In people, food, places, experiences. Mojo’s light up when they are inspired, follow your bliss and remember variety is the spice of life. 

Listen to me– What’s your mojo trying to tell you?  That voice is your greatest ally. Take your foot off the pedal? Book a trip? Mojos are smart, they just want us to listen. 

 If you wake up without your mojo don’t panic, rest assured it will be back. One thing I have learned is creativity always finds a way, and with a little self-love mojo’s always find their way home.