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Find your flow- creative tips for each moon phrase

‘Nothing captures the light like the dark’

The moon has been an endless topic of conversation, wonder and wisdom since the beginning of time. Is there anything as magical as the golden glow of moonlight in a dark night sky? Like creativity, it is full of contradictions. Forever fluctuating in shape and energy, from slithery curves to perfect circles, and you know what? That’s what makes it beautiful. 

I used to get so frustrated with my contradictions, especially when it came to the creative cycle. I didn’t get it, one week I had all these ideas and the next? I was wondering whether my writing days were over. I remember going to bed one-night considering alternative careers inspired by an hour binging on Below Deck. Perhaps I could become a cabin girl? Ok, I suffered terribly from seasickness and wasn’t keen on those bed bunks…but the tips were good.

I was being nonsensical of course. Instead, I called my Mum. She wisely told me to “stop overthinking and celebrate, it’s the full moon”. Celebrate? Celebrate? She says, in the middle of writing a novel with several deadlines and not enough sleep. I resisted at first, sitting at the desk forcing ideas to come, one more cup of coffee and the words will flow… and then? I accepted that annoying fact of life. Mum was right. Resistance dear readers are not resilience. 

I started to research moon cycles. Each phrase seemed to mirror the ebbs and flows of creativity. Or as one moon coach simply put it; ‘as above, so below‘. Creativity is a natural process, like the seasons, each phrase is there for a reason. Without winter, summer would never be so sweet.

The moon cycle invites us to honour the creative cycle To be kinder to ourselves and accept our fluctuations in hope, inspiration and despair. There is a time to absorb, a time to create and a time to let go. We find the magic when we stop pushing and start accepting that where we are is, exactly where we are meant to be. 

Here are some easy ways to harness the creative magic of the moon. 


The beginning of the moon cycle is a time to let your mind roam. Follow creative impulses, dance with the possibilities of where they might take you. Creativity wants to play, let it off its leash, dream, stay open to chance meetings, and invitations. Let your intuition guide you. This is a beautiful part of the creative process and a powerful moment to manifest your intentions. Tell the universe what you want to make happen, trust me, it’s listening. 

Plant those seeds and by the next new moon, your creative flowers will be starting to bloom. 


All those good intentions you set last week?  This is the time to get working on them. As the moon builds momentum so does our creative drive, where is it taking you? Hunker into research mode and pour all that positive, creative excitement into learning as much as you can about your new venture.  Be bold, book those coffee dates, ask the questions, be curious, be persistent, keep gathering. 


If you’re a Leo, this is your moment. It’s time to shine… don’t be shy. Look in the mirror, darling you glow! You are radiating universal positivity, take it out, show it off! Now is a great time to send your work out, hit submit and cross those fingers! Your energy is sky high, enjoy it. Get it done, type away, let it out, call your Mum and tell her you to love her. Sleep may be tricky this time of the month, you may want to up the ante in your unwinding process. The good news is R and R time is coming up.


As promised, exhale. You have reached your recovery period. One race is over, to get strong again for the next one it’s time to rest. Your energy will drop during the last moon phase, you may feel a little low and lost after riding that creative high. It’s natural to shift into a more reflective state of mind and want to be alone. Light a candle, put your feet up and pick up a pen. Ask yourself two questions, what do I want to take into the next cycle? What do I want to leave behind?  Treat yourself to something delicious and immerse yourself in a bath of self-love. Yes, you deserve it. 

I think as creatives we can be incredibly hard on ourselves. When things don’t work out and even when they do. It’s important to remember to celebrate your wins, whatever they look like. To some, it might be selling a million books. To others?  Reaching a new finish line. 

There is a time to shine bright and a time to hide in the dark, you are allowed, you have permission to do whatever you need to nurture your creative soul. Take crazy chances, drop creative drains. Do what you have to do to stay in your magic. 

Let the moon guide you and baby, you will light up the world!